Smart Blockchain App for Real Estate

RSL token will open access for using bases of real estate agenсies without their extra fees (up to 5%), check rating information and use as a means of payment during purchases
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Watch Video How It Works
RESALE-TH is all about real-estate and marketing

The main direction is the creation of the partner network of existing real estate agencies, combining bases with the principle of mutual benefit for each of the participants in partnership transactions, as well as direct transactions between owners and direct buyers.

The purpose of creating smart database is to make the working and convenient platform for an ordinary person who wants to get the information about a real estate object and buy it.

Our team will develop a well-known product for whole world. And blockchain feature will help to make real-estate deals safe and smart.

Thailand and Pattaya are superior

The company's first office was opened in Pattaya (2014) , it is touristic place, a resort in east coast of Thailand. In next 5 years Eastern economic corridor (EEC) will make Pattaya a modern city with international economic.

A truly affordable prices and hereby the quality of life in Thailand - and in Pattaya in particular - is a class of its own if you compare for example Spain. With a little money you can buy many luxuries services in a daily basis such as laundry, cleaning and massage services, as well as eat out in nice restaurants every day.

The 58 Crew Barber & Tattoo Club Pattaya
"Comfort by Harlam" restaurant Pattaya
Professional massage in Pattaya
Marco's Italian Restourant
Siam Oriental Plaza
View point in Pattaya
Ice skating in Pattaya
Rehabilitation by motion
Pattaya Marina Bay

Our blockchain application RSL is created to help the end user in making a decision about a serious purchase of any class of apartments or commercial property.

Resale token is to help build a better ecosystem for resale asian real estate starting with Pattaya and expanding through Thai and into neighboring countries.

Using a rating from real buyers show all agencies and facilities to build confidence in consumers world wide.

Set up on resale site booking a trip to see your retirement home. Use resale token to do more than sell property but to live the experience.

Disadvantages of the real estate market in Pattaya:

  • The lack of a common working base of real estate
  • There are obsolete entries on websites and agencies
  • Bad faith of some agencies in relation to customers
  • There are a lot of new agencies and it is difficult to evaluate their work
  • There is no rank and quality mark of a particular agency
  • Unclear legal support of concluding transactions
  • The lack of rating of objects, agencies sell their profitable projects
  • A lot of intermediaries in the sale of real estate (up to three hands)
Advantages of the blockchain platform RSL
Informative Ratings
Decentralized storage of information such as price, date of sale, number of transactions, client and agency feedback allows us to create independent rating. It is the key to successful application for users who want to buy a real estate in Thailand and in the countries in our road map.
Verified Agencies
Using the RSL token is a guarantee of a legally clean deal and the best result. If the agencies want to get the “Clear object” icon they should pay more RLS tokens (it will save time, but this option will be available after “X” number of successful deals) or for less number of RSL tokens our agent will approve this object (it will take more time).
Genuine Feedback
Ratings will be created based on voting by RSL tokens that will allow the end customer to make the right choice for the purchase.
The RSL blocking platform will be created for the end user, who needs adequate information for the clear deal. The platform will select and advise the necessary procedure for the real estate transaction in Thailand and in the countries in our road map.
Token Value
Tokens can be used to pay for a guide-interpreter who knows the nuances of the deal, tell about the location of the object and help to communicate in Thai, English or Chinese.
Special Offer
The company has a base of partner agencies and conducts personal presentations of real estate objects since 2014.
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There are about 200 agencies in Pattaya that intensively sell apartments, commercial real estate, land, villas and houses. Today, the base consists of 50+ agencies. Moreover, it is only Pattaya now, but by the start there should be Phuket, Rayong, Huahin, Samui too.

From the small office in 2014 to working App Store and Google Play B2B application in 2018 we always looking for the future. Our aim is to create P2P application based on blockchain technology. With (RSL) token sale you will be able to create your own gateway to heaven.

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How the Token Works
Token Details
Token Name
Beta Version
ETH Token
Total Supply
100 000 000
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Token Distribution
will be distributed among RSL holders
(tokens will be bought from the market for fiat money, which will be the key to the growth of the token price)
for system availability
(salary, rent, taxes)
Fund of creators
Bonus fund
(loyalty system for agencies and property owners)
Nov 2014
Creation of real-estate agency in Pattaya
Jun 2018
First RESALE-TH prototype available (Google Play/App store)
Aug 2018
Smart database concept creation
Sep 2018
RESALE-TH office in Pattaya opened
Oct 2018
Signed agreement with B-I-G.PRO PTE.LTD (Singapore) to expand a concept worldwide
Nov 2018
Private Sales (PPP - Private Participation Period) for RSL token started
Dec 2018
Worldwide marketing for RSL started
10 Jan 2019 (2 months)
PRE-ICO period
Feb 2019
Real-estate fund to be created
March 2019
Listing of RSL at Latoken exchange
20 Nov 2019 (or earlier, till tokens lasts)
ICO (Stage I) period - 20 May 2019
June 2019 2020
Developing of blockchain application for RSL
July 2019 2020
New RSL website online
Sept 2019
Phuket office to be opened
Nov 2019
First assets to be included to real-estate fund
Jan 2020
Chinese global program to start
Feb 2020
First sales of real-estate for RSL tokens
20 March 2020 - 20 Aug 2020 (or earlier, till tokens lasts)
ICO (Stage II)
Nov 2020
RSL is full-operated real-estate fund with smart blockchain database
Jan 2021
Bangkok office to be opened
2021 (or earlier, till tokens lasts)
ICO (Stage III) period
Aug 2021
European countries program to start
Relevant Documents
Company registration
Real estate company goverment registration in Thailand RESALE-TH CO., LTD.
308/391 Room 118 Moo 12, Banglamung, Chonburi, 20150
Company registration
Real estate company goverment registration in Thailand RESALE-TH CO., LTD.
308/391 Room 118 Moo 12, Banglamung, Chonburi, 20150
Dmitrii Maslov
Chief Executive Officer
Kamphan Vongsakoun
Chief Operational Officer
Darya Maletskaya
Public Relations
Raphan Saoraso
Pattaya Office Manager
Nikola Kardashov
Marketing Director
Konstantin Vinogradov
Design Manager
Ilya Dudakov
Product Designer
Allen Wu
Lev Iumanov
Full name